Appalachian Duals Format

Mat Time - Variety - Excitement

Day 1 - Pools

On Day 1, each team is placed in a pool of four teams and will compete in three dual meets.  The teams stay on the same mat for all six rounds of pool competition.  Occasionally, the final dual of a pool may be moved if another mat becomes available early.  Seeding is used to place teams into pools with consideration given to separate common opponents.

Pool Seeding





















Day 2 - Brackets

On Day 2, the teams compete in bracketed double-elimination dual competition.  Two eight-team brackets are organized based on how your team finished in Day 1 pool competition.  The top two teams from each bracket compete in the championship bracket and the bottom two teams from each pool compete in the consolation bracket.

Championship Bracket
Championship Bracket
Consolation Bracket
Consolation Bracket