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7 Rules of Weight Cutting

With Thanksgiving in a week and our first weigh-in coming in two weeks, now is a good time to review some important information regarding proper weight management.  Over time I have been able to collect some great bits of information that will help wrestlers get to their lowest healthy weight class and still perform well.  Those articles are listed at the bottom of this list.  So let's review 7 great rules of weight cutting that I've learned from all of this research.

7 Rules of Weight Cutting

  1. Don't Whine - You make it more difficult when you complain
  2. Don't Do Dumb Things - Taking short cuts can be dangerous and will make you weak
  3. Do Your Research and Plan - A good plan based on sound modern science will make it easier to fight temptations
  4. Maintain Weight - Follow your plan seven days a week all season and you only have to cut once
  5. Drink A Lot of Water - Drinking water fills you up calorie free and keeps your system fresh and clean
  6. Small Package - Big Punch - Learn as much as you can about energy-dense foods, the last day light weight high energy food is required
  7. Help Each Other - Some weeks are easier for you then your buddy and vice versa, help each other through the rough days

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