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Skyline Wrestling 12/13

2011/2012 Varsity Schedule is complete

The 2011/2012 Varsity schedule is complete. Next season will definitely be an exciting one as Skyline wrestling is set for a resurgence as the return their complete varsity lineup while adding some fresh faces from the middle school ranks as well as the hallways.

This seasonís schedule looks very similar to last seasonís as the young Skyline program starts to settle into some events that prepare them for the post-season while also allowing the newer participants to have some opportunity for success.

Some changes that you will notice are to the Hawkís district schedule. Gone are the weeknight marathon quads to be replaced by an old-fashioned district dual meet schedule that poses one team verses another.

December is is heavy in individual events with the exception of hosting the Appalachian Duals. We start the season with the highly competitive Elite Opener at Skyline.  Followed by the Dudley Martin at Brentsville, the Beast of the East in Delaware, and the Willie Walters at James Wood. 

By January, everyone on the team has had some experience at either the Varsity or Junior Varsity and the line-up begins to settle in for the dual meet portion of our schedule. January is all dual meets with the exception of the Free-Lance Star at Riverbend.  We are returning to Broad Run and Gettysburg. We will also be wrestling our district competition as well as Warren County in a single dual meet format.  We hope to open each of our home duals with a Raptors dual meet and Middle School dual meet.

Check out the complete schedule here or click the schedule link on the menu to the left.

The official site for varsity and junior varsity wrestling at Skyline High School can be found by following this link.

This area is sponsored by the Skyline Wrestling Club and provides supplemental information for everyone associated with the varsity and junior varsity teams.
Here is a quick rundown of the sections:


Link Here you will find the varsity and JV schedules. Links to event websites, directions, and other important information will be included in the schedule.  You will also find the teams entered in each event.  A link to the practice schedule is located at the top.


Link Here you will find updated rosters for the high school team. Wrestlers often move up and down between varsity, JV, and the B team as the season progresses.  So this roster will include everyone with returning varsity wrestlers listed at the top. Current records and other information will be included as the season progresses.

Coaching Staff

Link Here are the coaches who dedicate countless hours to help the wrestlers achieve their goals.

Team First

Link This section is designed to give the team (wrestlers, families, and coaches) an idea of the direction of the team. Here you will find team expectations, guidelines, and an overview of a quality team player.


Link Here you will find two sections. This area is still under serious construction.  The first section is designed to give individuals who represent a university easy access to information about our Juniors and Seniors that may be interested in competing in college.  The second section gives wrestlers and parents who are considering wrestling at the next level some serious advice regarding the recruiting process.


Send us a message if you think anything should be added here.


The 17

Everyone wants to be a part of a great team. Well, great teams are made up of great individual teammates.

Are you a great teammate?

There are 17 qualities that define a good teammate.  Take a look.  Determine your strengths so you know where you can help others. Find out your weaknesses so you know where to improve.

It is paramount to our success as a team that each member of the team can commit to developing all 17 qualities.

A self-test... how many of these things do you already do?

An overview of the 17

Adaptable, Collaborative, Committed, Communicative, Competent, Dependable, Disciplined, Enlarging, Enthusiastic, Intentional, Mission-Conscious, Prepared, Relational, Self-Improving, Selfless, Solution Oriented, Tenacious

Season Start-up Information and Dates

Wrestling season is about to begin. Here are some important dates and information you need to know about.

Physical: You must turn in a completed physical to Ms. Derflinger before you can practice. Find the physical form here: Physical Link. You must have every page completed and signed.

Emergency Card: Pick up an emergency card and turn it in to Coach Keel. You must have an emergency card turned in before you can compete in an event.

Important Dates

  • ∑ Tuesday, November 9th, Weight Certification for returning wrestlers
  • ∑ Wednesday, November 10th, Weight Certification for new wrestlers
  • Monday, November 15th, First Day of Practice
  • ∑ Wednesday, November 17th, Mandatory Parent Meeting
    • ∑ 6 PM for new parents - 7 PM for all parents
  • ∑ Saturday, December 4th, First Event at Skyline at 10 AM
  • Complete Practice Schedule and other information can be found here: Schedule


    New Parents Guide to Youth Wrestling

    Funny Advice for Wrestler Mothers

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